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Where Do The Wrinkles Appear And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Wrinkles Appear

Wrinkles Appear

Wrinkles Appear: The philosophers call the wrinkle a stamp of time, and women fight against them in different ways over the centuries. Exotic methods have been replaced by modern achievements of science. Besides plastic operations, cosmetologists also have conservative methods, thanks to which the wrinkles disappear.

What kind of a nut?

Cosmetologists organize wrinkles according to the causes of deeper and formation.


Surface (epidermal) foam concerns the surface layer of the skin – epidermis. These fine wrinkles, in some cases, have a “grid”. Often the appearance of superficial wrinkles is skin dehydration, its appearance is caused by the layer of the epidermis layer that causes the cornea membrane

Slow down the process of cell renewal.

Medium-deep wrinkles (dermal) refers to the middle layer-derma and the surface development of surface wrinkles. Its appearance is caused by fibers damaging the synthesis of fibroblasts.

Deep wrinkles – not only the skin of the skin but also in the formation of the subcutaneous fatty cells. Deep wrinkles, First of all, it appears in the natural membranes of the skin – for example, the nose of the nose-lip. Its gravitation is caused by gravitational tissue of the tissue when the effect of gravity affects the background of weakened muscle tone.

The mood of deep wrinkles in certain areas of the body is largely conditioned by the individual peculiarities of genetics and facial expression. However, their degree of production depends on the negative factors affecting the formation of surface and medium-deep wrinkles.

Generate the main reason:

Dynamic wrinkles appear as a regular compression of mimic muscles. They are called “mimic” wrinkles. In the areas where the muscles are elevated, the skin folds formed during mimic activity cannot be fully switched and dynamic wrinkles are formed at the age of 20. Most often the first mimic wrinkles appear on the forehead, later in the outer corners. At age 30, the wrinkles are formed on the upper eyelids.

Static wrinkles (age, gravitational) usually appear to be 40 years old. In contrast to the dynamic, static wrinkles will emerge despite mimic wrinkles. Their emergence is caused by the natural and artificial process of skin aging (smoker, ultraviolet rays, and other adverse environmental factors). During the aging of the skin, blood circulation decreases with the content of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, which reduces the skin’s elasticity and reduces it.

Tonus loses mimic musculature too. The gravitational force of the gravitational force of the gravity runs, unevenly causing the emergence of static (gravitational) wrinkles. Its formation leads to a violation of the liver, wrong sleep, and other factors during sleep.

Wrinkles can be combined – both static and dynamic.

Wrinkle Correction Methods

Contour plastics – a universal method, can be used to get rid of surface and deep wrinkles using a different density gel.

Botox and Distribution – Their input is the main method of fighting dynamic wrinkles. They temporarily suppress the activity of mimic wrinkles and affect the cause of their origin.

RF-lift provides the effect of stretching, the area of the skin is reduced, which is especially pronounced in the neck and chin age of wrinkles.

Surface peel – accelerates the process of epidermis cell renewal. It is the prevention of wrinkles. When applied, the micro-skin of the skin becomes equal to the fine wrinkles.

The average peel is deeper. It is possible to get rid of medium-deep wrinkles and, in parallel, solve many other aesthetic problems.

LPG-massage improves blood circulation of tissues, restores muscles to tone (which is very important in gravitational wrinkles), activates “youth cells” – fibroblasts that enhance the production of collagen and elastin.

Biorevitalization – Loss of the skin by the skin is the first factor in the formation of wrinkles. By means of it, not only can the wrinkles appear, but also remove the existing surface wrinkles.

Mesotherapy is the possibility of ingestion of skin substances. It is not a treatment method for wrinkles, it is an effective prevention. The cosmetologist can individually select the composition of the drug.

Trendlifting 3D – Mozzarez – Entering the subcutaneous wipes provides the effect of stretching the skin and corrects wrinkles by creating the skin’s inner carcass.

The main causes of wrinkles are:

  • Natural aging
  • Impact of ultraviolet rays and other factors
  • Dehydration of the skin
  • Excessive activity of mimic muscles
  • Wrong skin care (especially in case of dry skin)
  • Smoking and other harmful habits
  • Peculiarities of the facial patch (for example, wrong smell, nose, and other wrinkles).

skin care

Cosmetics should be selected according to skin type, age, individual weight. Special attention should be given to the moisturizing effect. Exposure to various external and internal factors, including diuretics, frequent water contamination of the skin causes dehydration of the skin. Moisturizing components are:

  • Hyaluronic acid and its derivatives;
  • Elastin and collagen hydrolyzes;
  • Ceramides;
  • Extracts of algae, aloe, and other plants;
  • Essential oils;
  • Saturated fatty acids (olein, line, linden).
  • There are preparations, which are the components of the skin deep into the fatty cells. They act on the production of collagen and elastin. These components belong to:
  • V vitamin
  • Retinol
  • Phytoestrogens
  • Fruit acids
  • Some minerals
  • honey
  • Reinforced
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