Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Why Not Loss Weight?

Why Not Loss Weight?

The weight of the weight and the way to the ideal body is not that ia-rose is not, it all knows well.

If you are at least once in a diet or gymnasium, you will notice the fact that at some point the scalar freezes at one point and the weight decreases, even if you do everything right – keep your diet and practice it regularly.

At this point, it is often considered that the need for more strict diet, decrease calories and increase the number of exercises, but in effect, the result remains unchanged.

There are other reasons for failure and we will tell you about it now.

Do not sleep enough

Yes, this is one of the main points that you often do not mind.

Various researchers found that the hormones that are excreted during sleep are contributing to fat burning.

Do you think that the weight loss is only a matter of training

It is a mistake when you are allowed to eat extra for exercise.

This is one of the common myths.

Do not disturb yourself with delicious desserts, because you work. Exercise is the perfect way to burn calories and muscle tones, but if you do not reduce your daily calories, you will not get a significant decrease.

You depend on social media

Yes, you practice exercises just as much as you can in the sports hall as much as possible, then upload on Facebook and collect lists.

Or even so long for the computer to do everything you do in the water.

There are too many sweets around you

We understand that it sounds very bad but true.

The more accustomed people you have the less motivation around you.

But remember, you should not expect that your family members or staff will change their nutritional rules only because of you.

Again you use the clothes that you are wearing at the time of excess

Never keep the clothes that you are wearing at a great weight.

As soon as you lose a few kilos, you must avoid them again.

You eat it delicately and instinctively

When you talk to a TV, a computer, a phone, forget it.

In such a time your mind is busy and does not understand what and how much you eat.

Eat at the table and all the technologies far away. Be focused on eating and enjoy this process. So you feel so soon.

Do not drink enough water

We wrote many times on water and its significance.

Remember it is always and everywhere important – as much water as possible.

Do not refuse sugar

We understand that it is difficult to live without sugar, but we have eaten unsweetened coffee and chocolate is eaten bitterly sweet chocolate instead of sweet chocolate.

Then you can live without it.

You are in a stressful environment

If you are often in a stressful and tense condition, it will affect your weight loss.

The stress hormone suppresses testosterone, which is responsible for the creation and maintenance of muscles.

Reduce or refuse alcohol at all

Remember that one boiler is almost the same as whole biscuits.

In addition, your organism does not store alcohol, so it’s immediate processing. In this process, your metabolism does not work effectively on other foods.

Refuse to bleed

We know it’s hard to watch a favorite movie, movie or TV program without chips or other tiredness, but keep in mind that your weight is above and above, so I recommend you replace them with maize or pea and it will be nice if you get vegetables at this time.

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