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For a Month I was Drinking Water Fast and That’s What I Got

water fast

One day, I was disturbed by the constant fatigue syndrome and asked myself, ‘What are the Japanese ladies doing with such a beautiful skin and a thin, sophisticated figure?’ ‘After a little research, I discovered one of the Japanese rituals, which means that after some awakening A glass of water to drink. According to a number of studies, this practice is useful for any individual despite the different health conditions. I decided to try myself, and now I want to share with you my experiences.

I did not know what to do to make me feel more vigorous. My skin and my hair looked lifeless, and at the same time, the body indicated that my health was not so pleasant. The result of an invisible visit with doctors did not change – pillars, pills, and pillars that had no effect. That’s why I decided to contact the Japanese water ritual and soon became part of my daily life because the results were really excellent!

1 I was feeling good and healthy

After the morning drinking water practice, I felt more relaxed. I felt how the body was excessive toxins.

2 Metabolism improved

This practice made my diet easier. No longer worried about the feeling of hunger every hour, the desire to wander between meals has disappeared somewhere, and the energy is gone.

3 Help me to lose weight

In addition to being more rarely hunger, the digestive process was slow and heavier, which contributed to greater energy reserves in the body. This, in turn, heightened the exercise motivation.

4 I had a problem with heartburn

After almost every meal I had a heartburn problem, but after I started drinking water on the fast, this disturbed feeling somewhere disappeared.

5 Improved the skin

I was accustomed to letting people grow older than I actually did. After water therapy, the number of wrinkles was reduced, and the skin became more smooth and clear.

6 Improved hair quality too

My hair was so dirty and was broken that I had to cut the end of the term twice a month. The morning water rutinium not only contributed to the growth of healthy hair, but also its radiance.

7 I was afraid of urinary tract infections

Water therapy has solved this problem with all antibiotics. This is really a remarkable fact because I’ve already got rid of the terrible feelings of burning.

8 Immune system strengthened

For a long time, I do not know what it means to be cold and ill. Just drinking a glass of water in a glass of water has more effect on all immunosmatilators.

Now, briefly about how to get the most benefits from morning water ritual. Keep in mind the following tips to be vigorously all day:

  • Drink 4 cups of water until you drink the teeth and eat something. If you get 4 cups from the beginning, start with 1 and slowly go to 4 cups.
  • You will not eat the next 45 minutes.
  • After 45 minutes you can usually eat and drink.
  • Breakfast, dinner, and lunch do not eat anything for the next two hours.

How long should we expect the result?

  • Diabetes and hypertension problem: 30 days
  • Constipation and gastritis problem: 10 days
  • For TB patients: 90 days
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