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Rid Of The Skin: The beautiful face of the skin is one of the main conditions. How can we care for the younger ones to keep their eyes healthy Doctor, Dermatome-cosmetologist Ia Darsavelidze answered the questions.

Questions sent

Many times I have heard that washing soda is very useful for oily skin, I know a lot of people who say this is a way to explain if there is a grain of truth in it, and is it generally recommended to wash soap?

Generally, I have nothing to do with washing soup; It is a well-known fact that this is a good disinfectant. Mostly those who have a fatty skin, such patients are consumed to neutralize fat. The soda soap contains a large amount of soda and is responsible for neutralizing the fat. However, in modern cosmetology, there are many ways to combat the excess fat from the modern methods and not use it to wash soda, which contains a large amount of soda and may be harmful to the skin.

How do we get rid of spots on the face Maybe you can choose any means, even from folk medicine …

In the first case, we call on so-called ” Chemical Peeling. Chemical Peel There are three types: Surface, Medium and Deep; In this case, we need to apply medium and deep piling. Peeling chemical acids are caused by superficial skin burns, then the epidermis is renewed at the expense of the acne scarring formed scars. But it is a long-term treatment, it is not a single procedure that the patient can take care of once.

There are many folk methods too. Different herbs, fruits, and plants contain acids; However, when applying, you should know the rules of its preparation and consumption, because many of them may contain substances that can cause burns or deep wounds.

It’s easy to put a clean lemon on the face. But in summer it is not possible because lemon contains acid and citric acid in the skin will become more and will cause a deepening of the problem. Those who have pigmented spots do not advise that the Sun does not leave the sun without the cream.

What do you say about cosmetic ice, how effective are they for skin types? What are the positive qualities and maybe you can tell us what kind of cosmetic ice can we use for the dry and greasy skin?

Cosmetic ice has a moisturizing effect in the first place. Secondly, those who have advanced blood-veins on the face, and those who have sensitive skin are particularly good in summer cosmetic ice treatments.

The easiest thing I can do is prescribe a prescription from ancestors that are sour. Make soup in small cubes, put in trolley and roll on the face with the circular motion until you finish it completely. It has a moisturizing effect, pores are well packed and tightens the capillaries’ blood vessels.

I have dry skin, I have a lot of skin in the summer, what do you advise me to keep a single color on the face and the face skin looks beautiful? (I can not use tonal creams).

I recommend that you first control the skin. It can not be properly selected face cream. There are super, hyper moisturizing creams that maximize moisture. In addition to moisturizing means, there are other means in modern dermato-cosmetology: mesotherapy, plasma-lifting, gold mask and more. You should apply to dermato-cosmetologist to correctly select a moisturizing cream and treat the treatment course.

How to treat excessive smell on the face, without laser epilation? And I still wonder what the cost of the tips epitaph will be, how effective is and how long?

Excessive hair removal is obvious if the patient does not have a hormonal imbalance. If a woman has hormonal imbalances or genetically prone to overheating, the number of procedures increases. In modern cosmetology, there are many methods of treatment for suppression, but as I do with this apparatus and the doctor working with this method I advise all of Alexandrite laser. But you should take care of your doctor’s advice. Epilation on the upper lips is worth 15 GEL.

Can you choose some types of skin cleansing in home conditions?

All types of skin need different care. If you are a normal type of skin, it is enough to clean the skin once a year or even once a year. Maybe it seems to be a long time, the lag is very big, but if it is not necessarily what is necessary. Under the home conditions, the dead epidermis Removal of “scratches” It is also important to know how frequently the patient is because when the tanning is taken there the surface of the skin will actually be affected; Then it turns out to be so Natural peeling and then the skin needs special care.

In home conditions, the old method is to clean the face with a flour of flour. If oily skin, some salt is used. However, I advise your reader to apply dermatologically to correctly determine the method of cleaning and frequency. If you have a very greasy skin, pores, excess fat, in such a case, we will lurk once in three months and once a month to achieve the desired result.

I am a 33-year-old man, I have dry skin, of course, I use a handful of creams, but I still have a face. Especially in the summer and winter, what do you recommend?

Dry skin always has this problem. In the summer sun in the sun, our skin is evaporated and evaporates the skin more. However, there is a problem that the capillaries, or blood circulation, are more active and that is why they have a lot of trouble. Sosso should definitely apply the proper moisture to the skin.

Can we keep the skin around the eyes of the home?

There are many masks. It is important to correctly select the cream around the eye. You should pay attention to what kind of skin you have, how many wires you have. Do not contain many preservatives and supplements eye cream. It should be saturated with hyaluronic acid: This is a substance that needs facial cream, as it moisturizes and gives our natural eyes the natural eye.

There is plenty of fruit and grass mask in the house. I have nothing to do with family medicine, but as a dermatologist advises you to look a little cautious. The twenty-first century is a century of allergy, and even a vague and its mask can cause allergies. Therefore the patient should be sure that it is not harmful to any fruit, vegetable or other masks Some use the sour cream as well.

Skin care should be made of good moisturizer around the eye. To your reader, I was told of a secret that you use ladies’ eyes to use the throat. I understand that this is a bit more expensive, but the eye and the throat are the first ones to see a woman and age in the area. So the ear needs the same care as the eyes.

How to make a fat skin?

If there is a rash, first we should apply to the dermatologist and take the course of treatment. It’s almost impossible to get rid of this rash for a long period of time. Disappear, but may occasionally cause a rash. Treatment may be long, but you will definitely get the result.

In the case of oily skin, it is of great importance to facial cleansing. I advise patients with oily skin to wash the skin at least once in the scrub.

As far as I know, most people in the Caucasus have a mixed type of skin, which is quite difficult to care for, how can we cure mixed type of skin, how much moisturizing creams are wearing, or how to get rid of any special masks?

Combination type of skin is more common. In that case, the so-called The zone, or the nose, between the eyebrows, the forehead and the surrounding of the nickel is hotter; Cheeks and other parts are dried, so they call combined skin. Of course, this requires special care. It is desirable to choose the moisturizing effect if you are nourishing. All skin types are important for proper care. The skin needs different skin care in the winter because it is cold and freezing and cannot be moisturized with the creamy morning. In the summer, on the contrary, the moisturizing cream should be added to the day and nights. So even if you have a mixed type of skin that interests your readers, how important is the cream and how it is used.

And because it is summer season, I advise everyone that the Sun does not take sunlight without sunlight, because the sun has very active radiation and can cause other problems, such as wrinkles, pigmentation spots, which then require long treatment and care.

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