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Lose Weight During Sleep 8 Recommendation

Lose Weight During Sleep

Lose Weight During Sleep

Lose Weight During Sleep: Loss of weight is one of the most difficult processes and requires great energy, nervousness, and willows.

Often people who are trying to get rid of a few kilos cannot succeed because they are wrong in the beginning and try to shoot.

If you want to get a few kilograms and do not try to do it yourself, read these simple tips, put them in your daily life and you will definitely get the desired result.

If you want to lose weight, first you will tell me that you have to regain sleep

Sleep 7-8 hours a day is necessary for weight loss, as well as for your health.

During sleep, the body regains the forces and passes the most important processes.

Sleeping during tissue restoration of tissue, synthesis of proteins, pressure regulation, immunity and growth hormones – which is essential for weight loss.

Enjoy one cup of tea

30 minutes before bedtime if you have tea, except that the body will give you another dose of water, it will help you calmly relax and calm down.

Do you remember The less stress you get, the more calorie you eat?

Eat less than 300 calories before sleeping

If you aimed to lose weight and think that you should eat anything before bedtime, it is better to change the plan.

Hunger will prevent you from sleeping and eat more than breakfast at the next day.

However, this does not mean that you get the food that you will get. Yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese or low-fat milk.

Do something sleeping before you sleep

Just one hour before bedtime you will definitely do something that will eventually turn into a routine and repeat it every night.

We recommend that this is a question that will help you to sleep in your mind. But remember this time never before you catch up with the balloons. If you can not eat the apple or carrot you can not.

Take some time before sleeping

Sleep training is helpful because the time spent in the sports field does not really come true.

Metabolism is active even after 16 hours of exercise and is worn during the sleeping calories.

However, everything has a negative side. It is better to carry out relatively simple exercises and put heavy intensity load for the morning.

Take a shower

Getting shower in the evening is always a good decision.

For example, if you suffer from insomnia, I recommend you take a shower.

The shower is the best comfort, your body and your mind will stay, relax and sleep will be easier.

Forget all the techniques

This is one of the main rules.

Never burn your hands on the phone, otherwise consider that your sleeping time will go a few hours or you can not sleep in the worst case.

Sex or masturbation

This is probably the best advice you can give.

Sex and masturbation Besides, it is a pleasure to help you relax and calories.

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