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How the Skin Is Changed After 30 Years

How the Skin Changed

Skin Is Changed After 30 Years

How the Skin Changed: Why do we encounter the first signs of aging? In the age of 27-30, the process of metabolism decreases in the skin, decreasing collagen and elastin production – connective tissue proteins that provide the density and sustainability of the skin. Fatty glands

As a result, the skin loses elasticity, becomes more thin and vulnerable to harmful factors. contaminated air, high or low temperatures, sun rays, harmful habits and poor quality cosmetics. At the expense of connective tissue protein, the first wrinkles appear between the eyebrows and the skin around the eye. Due to the distorted cells formed on the surface of the skin, the skin loses a healthy shine and brilliance.

All these processes are natural and inevitable, but it’s not worth it: you can significantly slow down all these processes if you start regular skin care. It is necessary to use such tools as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other restorative remedies, as well as periodic visits to the cosmetologist that can help you achieve realistic results in a systematic and short time. In addition, it is now necessary to have proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

The main stages of skin care

1 Stage – Cleansing

Care procedure should begin with the exterior of the skin of the skin, fat, dirt and dead cells that prevent the oxygen and cause pollution of the pores. If the morning is enough to wash, the evening needs a deep cleansing of the skin, which gives us the opportunity to prepare for basic care.

Stage 2 – Restoration and Toning.

Before we use the main means of care, it is necessary to prepare the skin for their active effect. The tone is used for this: after the cleansing process, it restores water balance and prepares the skin for the next stages.

Balancing Active Tonic Along with all other features, it has anti-inflammatory effect: geranium and calendula oils to regenerate and restore skin’s damaged areas.

Stage 3 – Face Massage

Typical massage of the face should be done independently, there is no need for professional services: it is enough to remember the simple technique of massage and the layout of the main paragliding lines. Almost all of them go from center to periphery to the top, from the chin to the temples, from the middle of the forehead and to the temples. Finger movements should be soft and soft, without strong pressure.

Massage is a lightweight way to avoid skin without excessive risks.

The line is intended for this stage by modeling hydro-gel Oxygen Sculpturing Hydro-gel. The gel texture gives us an opportunity to make unhindered massage for a few minutes. After the procedure, you will see how to clean and peel the skin.

4th stage: Meal and Moisture.

This is a key step in care, which is of great importance in terms of effectiveness. There is a decisive role in the means: The creams and masks used by women of this age should be rich in not only natural extracts and vegetable oils, as well as active components of biochemical origin that can accelerate the exchange processes, promote cell division, and collagen Elastin Intel’s.

As a rule, masks contain the largest concentration of substance substances. Some of them have the ability to notice the effect of the first use. These include nourishing and moisturizing masks that contain dead sea minerals and oxygen molecules. When oxygen occurs in the deep layers of the skin, the cells begin to breathe, and it activates the processes.

Day and Night Care

Day and night care requires different approaches, our skin has different needs during the day and night. Day cream should ensure skin protection against harmful sun and environmental harmful effects, as well as a base for decorative cosmetics, with a lightweight texture.

Night Our skin is experiencing renewal processes that can easily absorb useful substances, so the main task of night cream should be the maximum nourishing of the skin and rejuvenation processes.

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