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Which Is More Effective: Exercise OR Gravity Training?

gravity training

In your opinion, which is more effective: exercise or gravity training?

Most of the sports halls are roughly divided.

In the movie “Matrix” you should choose a red or blue pill, often a sportsman must choose one way: gymnastics (the equipment used by the cables) or the gravity (such as the hunters and strokes).

Sportbars are often arranged in two distinct spaces, which the equipment determines, at which time you have to choose if you use it.

The endless debate is going on, which is better, so we suggest the results of the survey.

What Is The Goal?

First of all, it is important to know that the training exercises can bring special results.

To convince us that we do not have an orange with apples, we have to solve the three basic fitness goals of training and gravity:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle mass increase
  • Enhance

It is not surprising that we have different results in different goals.

If Your Goal is To Lose Weight

According to the World Disease Control and Prevention Center, about 40% of teenagers are fat, it is not surprising that the most popular goal for which they go to the hall is to lose weight.

So if you want to get 10 kilograms, or you can get smaller jeans, there is no specific answer to the question: gym or gravity.

Both of them are good for weight loss, so choose a choice that is more comfortable for you.

The weight loss is associated with calorie deficiency, which means that you have to burn more calories with a combination of nutrition and exercise.

Any physical activity, regardless of its equipment, is not in contact with the weight loss until it has moderate dietary restriction with no caloric deficit in appearance.


First of all focus on nutrition. Control calories to create a caloric deficit.

Take 2-4 hours a week to practice exercises and cardiores.

If you want to get the desired result, in just 8 weeks, visit the link. We provide you with the right nutrition and training program that helps you to dream of reality!

If Your Goal Is To Increase Muscle Mass

Increased muscle mass (known as hypertrophy) requires a progressive reset (such as weight, repetition, and absorption), as well as correct intensity (ie enough weight training, enough repetitions to help muscles get tired).

The most guaranteed way to increase muscle growth is the maximum number of muscle fibers.

Based on the principle of size, your body gains a large number of muscle fibers when training is done as you can do more repetitions.

These types of exercises are often simpler and are protected by using a trainer.

Studies have shown that exercising and training can have the same hypertrophy if the number of repeats and the number of injections is appropriate.

ACSM recommends a moderate load (70-85% at one repetition) 1-3 to reach 8-12 repetition, regardless of equipment.

It is not accidental that the bodybuilders use both types of exercises, gravity, and simulators for decades. Someone better knows how to grow muscular mass.


Weight works best.

Use any technique that will load the muscles.

If you want to increase your muscle, eat low-calorie foods that are rich in protein.

If Your Goal Is To Strengthen

If your goal is to be strengthened, choices between exercises and gravity depend on what kind of exercise you want to improve.

The SAID principle is directly related to this case because the force depends on neurological adaptation, which means that your brain and body work together to work more effectively in the exercise that is more often performed.

The study shows that the hardness of the exercise, such as the rise of the stroke and the seams using complexity requires complex nervous reaction and is more difficult to learn than exercise using trainers.

If you just want your body to be more powerful, you can use both types of exercises. But if you’re going to be athletics, then you should recommend using the gravity.


You become stronger in what you do, so choose either gravity or gym, depending on what you want to do.

Learning to practice exercises is more difficult because it is directly related to neurological demands.

Still, Gymnastics Or Gravity Training?

After learning the results of the research, it would be right to say that the fitness and gravity can be used in all three cases.

Each goal has specific requirements to be satisfied:

Weight loss – caloric deficiency;

Increased muscle mass – muscle failure and caloric excess;

Strengthening – neurological adaptation.

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