Bad Habit Before Bedtime
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6 Bad habit before bedtime

Bad Habit Before Bedtime

6 Bad Habit Before Bedtime

For a good sleep, you may try many things from the Egyptian cotton boots to sleep trackers, but these may be ineffective if you do not get rid of bad habits.

See how much you have from the spread of harmful habits:

Watch The TV

Who does not love watching TV before bedtime?

According to the survey, this is the most popular activity before sleeping.

This is one of the main reasons for sleeping. Who regularly watches the TV before bedtime often loses the sleep and then loses his job.

Do Not Miss Smartphones

Smartphones are an integral part of our daily life, but it is impossible to turn the eye on the negative sides.

The phone radiation can seriously hinder your sleep.

Studies have shown that active use of the phone before sleep leads to pain and sleep difficulties.

You can not refuse a night of stay

Eating nights not only helps to gain weight but also can prevent your sleep.

Especially do you avoid eating foods that cause too much energy and can help you lose your weight?

In the process of digestion, the body temperature increases, which causes a stinging sleep.

You Cannot Interfere With The Internet

If you’re using an hour earlier than sleeping like 60% of Americans, you should know that artificial lighting of a computer (or phone) screen lashes a person and also reduces the absorption of melatonin the body.

Mellone is a necessary hormone for sleep, so its lack is less and less sleep quality.

You Drink Before Bedtime

If you have a night to drink, and after drinking, you may think that you are sleeping well.

In fact, alcohol prevents a high quality sleep.

Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine in a small amount.

You Do Not Get Enough Sun Rays

Depression, anxiety, bad character – Many of these problems are worrying, sometimes it just relaxes the situation well.

Simply putting more sunsets will give you a favorable advantage instead of artificial lighting. Artificial light increases the risk of depression.

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