Skin Care
Skin Care

Types Of Skin Types And Their Care

Skin Care: Most women think that they know what skin they have, but they are often mistaken. It is therefore desirable that an experienced cosmetologist or dermatologist should diagnose skin type diagnosis. But there are several simple features that can help you determine the type of skin. If the face skin looks perfect, it needs regular and proper care. The correct care is, first of all, the type of skin type that implies, because all types of skin need to be selected by different means. There are four main types of skin: normal, dry, combined and oily. Each type has its own characteristics.

Normal skin 

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Features: The normal skin is of equal color, smooth, dense and clean, moderately or slightly pores. Fat and fat content in such a skin is usually balanced and the skin is rarely irritated. Dry skin may be too late for proper care. It is not noticeable for extended blood vessels and black spots (fibers).

Care: The normal skin needs to be taken once a day, and the red cells can be removed twice a week. It is good to have bad climatic conditions, drinking water and soap, but it is better to use cosmetics, kids or sapphire soap. Facial moisture content is fine with fine texture and nourishing creams should contain vitamins A, C, and E.

White clay mask for normal skin: 1 SK Add a tablespoon of sour cream and any vegetable oil to 2 tablespoons of white clay. Finely chopped bananas or apples and stir well (if you have too thick, you can add a little warm water).

Apply the message on your face, and after 8-10 minutes rinse at room temperature.

Dry Skin

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Features: Dry skin can be different, so it looks different in appearance – at a young age the dry skin is thin and delicate, without any rash, pores, and excessive bruising. But if you do not take care of such a skin properly, you will get worse and lose your elasticity. Therefore, dry skin is more quickly switched on other skin types (especially around the eye) and stunts.

Care: Dry skin needs special care. It is effective to combine several types of products, for example, lightweight oils from the upper texture of a thick texture moisturizing cream. Use as much nutrient or tonic cream as possible with oily and essential oils. It is good if the night cream contains substance alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that helps to remove dead skin cells and moisturize new skin. It is necessary to safeguard the proper nutrition regime, to get enough water, alcohol and coffee reduction.

Mask for dry and sensitive skin: White grape clusters or 2 cm Papaya’s pulpit; 1 rd honey. Pull the grapes or papaya’s pulp (for which you can use a mixer) and mix honey. Apply the mixture on your face, wait for 20 minutes, and then remove the tamarind in the cooled milk.

Oily Skin

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Features: Oily skin is thick, rough and glossy. It is characterized by large pores (sometimes even peeling orange peel). Excess fat, along with dead cells and dust, creates insects in the gut, causing the skin to breathe in the rash and fibers. Despite this, the fatty skin has one big advantage compared to others: it is too late.

Care: Oily skin care includes proper nutrition and regular care procedures. It is desirable to wash the face twice a day (thus keeping the pores clean and prevent the formation of lashes and rash). After removing the excess fat from the skin, use the only non-alcoholic facial skin. Among them is the use of natural anchors (eg, cucumber masks, Tarzana leaves, etc.).

Cucumber mask for oily skin: Brush medium cucumber. 3 s Shredded cucumber Apple biscuits and 4 scl. Oat flakes. Instead of oatmeal, you can use white, green or blue cosmetic clay. Apply the message on your face, stop for 20-25 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Combined Skin

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Features: Most women have a combined type of skin, which means that the skin is different types of skin in different types – some are greasy, and some are dry. Such a skin on the nose and chin (the zona) is always fatty and glitters, and around the eyes and cheeks is much drier and sometimes even eradicate. On the combined skin, it also appears easily wrinkles – at the age of 28-30, there are small, fine mimic wrinkles, and by age 45-50 the age changes are already well observed.

Care: Combination skin requires regular (daily) care/purification, toning, and moisture. The dry parts of the skin require a relatively mild cleanser and thick moisturizer, while the rest of the body should be a thin layer of the cream. Use moisturizing creams with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and occasionally use masks for the combined skin.

Mask for combination skin: 2 s Kefir and 2 SK Pour the cocoa powder well into each other. Apply mass on the face (face skin with caution). After 20 minutes rinse with warm water and massage any nourishing cream.

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