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Where Do The Wrinkles Appear And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Wrinkles Appear Wrinkles Appear: The philosophers call the wrinkle a stamp of time, and women fight against them in different ways over the centuries. Exotic methods have been replaced by modern achievements of science. Besides plastic operations, cosmetologists also have conservative methods, thanks to which the wrinkles disappear. What kind of a nut? Cosmetologists organize […]

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Skin Care

How To Get Rid Of The Skin

Rid Of The Skin Rid Of The Skin: The beautiful face of the skin is one of the main conditions. How can we care for the younger ones to keep their eyes healthy Doctor, Dermatome-cosmetologist Ia Darsavelidze answered the questions. Questions sent Many times I have heard that washing soda is very useful for oily skin, […]