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22 Way To Increase Muscle Mass | Muscle Building

muscle mass

Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass: The muscle growth is one of the most difficult and long process fitness. What should we do to achieve maximum results?

We will teach you 22 ways to increase muscle mass.

Get More Food

For muscle mass, it is necessary to get more food, but it is obvious that food is the right type of food. If you want to grow muscle and not your spine, it is necessary to feed properly. Write a food ration according to your goals or give us the food ration. Visit the link below.

Get Protein

Getting proteins is one of the first things you should do if you want to increase muscle mass. Protein will be in the process of restoration and repair of muscle tissue. Take 1-1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of sunlight.

Do Not Limit The Carbohydrate

According to a number of studies, protein supplements help to build muscle tissue, but it is also important to note that carbohydrates are essential for energy.


Most of the growth hormones will be released at sleep every day. Try to protect the eight to eight phase of sleep.

Exercise Better

Most bodybuilders have a specially designed exercise system. As a rule, for each part of the body that performs five or more exercises, this means 4 sessions of exercise, which is a total of 200 repetitions for each muscle.

If you do not choose the appropriate exercise program for your goals, please have a training program for us.

Exercise With Great Weight

Always add exercise weight. Stopping one gravity will not increase your muscle.

Take Rest

The best way to increase power is to rest. This will help you restore muscle tissue. So sometimes it is advisable to relax for a few days. When you go back to relax after exercise, you will feel more powerful.

Love The Diversity

Although we routinely exercise routine every day, there is still a demand for diversity.

Exercises should not only contain complex movements and activities. As an alternative exercise, try the cardio movements, or interval training.

Keep Your Feet

Chad and “deadlift” participate in the growth of testosterone levels, which can lead to the growth of the entire body. These two exercises help to increase muscle mass in all parts of the body.

Train a Sideline

Yes, it’s easier to put on the shoulders, hands and breast muscles, but it is also important to exercise other parts of the body so that the exercise is balanced and the muscle tissue does not get injuries.

Use The Body Mass

It is true that muscle growth requires great weight training, but do not forget about exercising with your own body for a more beautiful body.

Train with your partner

Together with partner, you have a sense of adversarial experience that can help you to enjoy the training process and increase the testosterone level. This stimulates you to practice more.

Get Creatine

If you get the creatine required dose, it will definitely help you increase muscle tissue.

Always Focus On The Form

Pay attention to the way you practice. Your progress will be reduced during exercise while injuring. Follow the training technique to strictly and reduce the risk of injury.

Practice In a Sequence

Once a week training will not have the desired effect. Choose the days when you are trained (preferably 3-4 times a week), go to the sport and practice enough.

So you can see the desired result soon.

Start Meditation

Try to breathe easily during the day. Perform mental exercises that can help you reduce stress levels, increase your muscle mass and feel good in general.

Do Not Limit Yourself

If you think you can not reach the goal, try not to believe it and stop exercising. Even if you cannot train enough this week, you can always try next week.

Take a Personal Trainer

The trainer will help you to pay more attention to your presence, exercise and, therefore, the muscle mass increase.

Professional trainers know what they are doing. Ask them, give advice. They will help you learn new activities and can easily change your lifestyle.

Find The Comfort Zone

Try to create a comfortable environment for you. Maybe it’s about creating your playlists or buying new sports. Try the exercise process more comfortable.

Be Mobilized

Of course, socialism, messaging and the joke is good, but not in the sport. While staying in the field, try to focus your attention on training.

If you have to answer the message, you should do it during the break and spend a little time on it.

Always Wake Up Properly

Avoid it before you get to the gravity or start the difficult exercises.

This leads to the defense of trauma.


If you follow a specific program, try to spend it from 6 to 8 weeks. If you feel that the outcome does not dare, do not be afraid to try a new program that is completely different from old ones. Do not be afraid of the espressos.

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