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Weight Loss

5 Myth Weight Loss

5 Myth Weight Loss

5 Myth Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, everyone thinks that it is a magical way to realize, but often they do not lose weight.

In this article, we will offer you the most common myths about this topic in order to take care of your body and improve your body’s health and most importantly. so:

1 Gluten-free diet

If you simply lose weight in the protein ratio, you will be disappointed. Protein is very important for weight loss.

When it comes to gluten-free diet, it should also be noted that a large portion of gluten-free products are usually to calorie and may increase your weight.

2 Feeding and hunger

Feeding makes a big blow to the body and increases the volume of its fatty mass by one-two.

The thing is that when the body is hungry, it goes back to stress and when you get the food you will be filling the food with “fear” and preparing for future famine.

The researchers recommend that the daily calorie be distributed throughout the day so that the insulin level is stable.

3 Absolute refusal on unhealthy foods

Of course, the reduction of unhealthy food doses is clever and positive for our health, but we can not say the same about them completely.

First of all, the uncomfortable nourishment of the organism that quickly accelerates the lack of their lack of stability in your diets and the whole body of the organism is one of the kinds of nutritional disorders on the healthy diet and it is called orthotropy.

4 Acquire a large quantity of fluid

Of course, you can freely drink your favorite juice for breakfast or breakfast, but keep in mind that any so-called ” Diet Diet ” Your body can lead to the loss of vital nutrients and drying.

5 Forget favorite food

You need a nourishment mode that you will not be able to maintain with long-term prospects. So let’s get “Liar Days” when you give yourself the right to enjoy the favorite baldness.

Says Jennifer Cohen, a number of Celibris trainer and author of the book “Strong Is the New Skinny”.

Be loyal to yourself, do not put it in a strict frame.

It’s also a psychological factor, if you love the cheeseburger, you can not refuse it forever.

This will further complicate your diet and will often breach the dietary nourishment to get your favorite food once a week or less than twice a week to think about it every day and keep the diet safe.

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